Milestone Credit Card

As cards go that have been confused by many on their purpose, add the Milestone Credit Card to that list for sure. The Milestone Credit Card gets a ton of bad press probably every minute of the day. In a way we would like to say that the bad press they get is well deserved. On the other hand, we do see that they do actually have something of a good intent or purpose behind what they do. From our understanding, what happens is that they get you to pay off outstanding debts by using their card option.

The problem is that it seems to be quite a deceptive way that they promote this. They will send someone a letter stating that they can fix their past debts by using the Milestone Credit Card. I order to get the Milestone Credit Card they have a certain fee that needs to be deposited first. Most times the amount is at least $300. What will happen when you pay that amount with them for the card you receive the card as well as notice of what old debts have been paid with the money you sent?


The problem with this that has so many people angered is that they are pretty much bringing old debts back to life again. After the statute of limitations has passed on certain debts, they are no longer legally required to pay. Even though making the payments to them is a good thing in terms of helping the credit score, the debt may not legally be legitimate. For example, if you have been disputing a debt on your credit report for many years that truly isn't your own the statue of limitations will run out eventually if you wait long enough. After that statute of limitations has expired, you no longer have to worry with paying that even if you still see notices about it. If the company who owns the Milestone Credit Card purchases that old debt and contacts you with their card offer and you pay, you are basically going back on all of the times you disputed the illegitimate debt in the past. This is a serious problem as we are sure you would totally understand even if it hasn't happened to you.

In other words, the premise of them getting you to pay of f your debts with them is great, the fact is that you will most likely be cancelling out many years of legitimate disputed with the bureau if the debt they claim they can help you with is a debt that just isn't rightfully yours. So this happens to be a case where the Milestone Credit Card is a card that seems to have good deeds that are definitely spoken evil of to say the least. Making the decision to get the card should be done at your own risk however, finding the application could prove your biggest challenge now. It appears that their site and application have gone into hiding. We have supplied for you here with the links for the company that is behind the Milestone Credit Card as well as the site that is supposed to be down for maintenance that you would use for accessing your Milestone Credit Card account online.